Update: 08/12/2022


In previous sections, you have learned about concepts such as asn, and picking in warehouse management. Today, let's learn an equally important function with Meksmart - Replenishment. So what is replenishment? Let's take a look at the main content of this function in today's article!

What is Replenishment?

Replenishment or replenishment of orders usually occurs when there is a need for fast picking. Accordingly, the number of goods transported from the warehouse to the picking place must be filled in that location to the maximum.

In simple terms, when you have a support lane to store a package containing seven bales, and two bales, then your task is to add five bales in the picking position.

In addition, there are minimum and maximum (min/max) rules adjusted to a streamlined number.

For example, if you have each pallet containing 15 packages of the same SKU and the daily demand reaches 10 bales, then you would be advised to replenish the cargo so that the available stock is not lower than 15 bales.

Some rules in Replenishment

Availability level of goods in stock

If you do not stock the required amount of goods, the products should be sent to the selected address directly after the pick-up step.

Pick face size or campus pick

Picking smaller than demand will cause excessive replenishment, which in turn affects productivity. Therefore, you need to minimize the number of times you need to replenish goods as low as possible, to maintain the most optimal pick face possible.

Number of SKU blocks

As soon as you order goods at the same price, then you need to choose the appropriate picking location for their volume and size.

When optimizing the selected location, the warehouse management system or warehouse management system will help to provide additional tasks. This allows the truck operator to lift the retrieval and ensure the pallet is full. Other setups require an additional 2-step process.

For example, you select a retrieval order with multiple SKU numbers, taking the goods to the 2nd additional step in the selection module. You can then do value-added tasks such as opening boxes or box labels or placing boxes in the selection area…


Above is some information to help you answer the question, what is replenishment? Stay tuned for an in-depth series of articles on the concepts of warehouse management systems and fleet management systems. I wish you success!

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