Update: 30/01/2024


Learn more about the strategic partnership between MEKSMART and GONSA, a leader in Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry in implementing TMS transport management system...  


The logistics industry is one of the most important sectors in the economy, contributing to promoting the circulation of goods and services between regions and countries.   

In the context of increasingly fierce competition, logistics enterprises need to improve their competitiveness by applying modern technology.  

From that awareness, Meksmart Technology Solutions Co., Ltd. (MEKSMART) and GONSA Joint Stock Company (GONSA) have cooperated to deploy the TMS transportation management system. 

MEKSMART: Reliable partner of GONSA  

MEKSMART is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of developing software, and information technology solutions for the logistics industry.  With many years of experience in the industry, MEKSMART has successfully implemented many TMS projects for large and small enterprises across the country.  

MEKSMART's TMS is a comprehensive transportation management system, that integrates transportation management, warehousing, order management, and asset management features, ... 

The system is built on modern technology, fully meeting the logistics enterprises' requirements. 

GONSA: Vietnam's leading pharmaceutical trading enterprise  

GONSA is one of the leading pharmaceutical enterprises in Vietnam, specializing in providing pharmaceutical products, vaccines, bio-products, medical supplies, functional foods and cosmetics. With more than 20 years of experience, GONSA has built a reputation and brand name in the market. Based on experience and available potential, GONSA continues to develop in a professional and modern direction, meeting the increasing needs of customers. 

What difficulties did GONSA face before using TMS MEKSMART?  

Before using TMS MEKSMART, GONSA encountered some of the following difficulties:  

#1. Manual transport management  

GONSA uses a manual transportation management system, which leads to data processing, order tracking, and driver management... becomes difficult and time-consuming.  

#2. Lack of transparency in management  

A manual transportation management system makes it possible to retrieve data, and track order status... which becomes difficult, leading to a lack of transparency in management. 

#3. Lack of data analysis capabilities  

Manual transportation management systems cannot analyze data, resulting in businesses being unable to grasp their transportation operations fully.  

These difficulties have significantly affected the operational efficiency of GONSA. To solve these difficulties, GONSA decided to implement the TMS MEKSMART transport management system. 

TMS implementation cooperation: A new turning point in GONSA's development  

The cooperation in TMS implementation of MEKSMART and GONSA is an important turning point in the development of GONSA.  

The TMS system will help GONSA solve existing problems in transportation operations, improve business efficiency, and ensure drug quality during transportation, specifically such as:  

  • Transportation process optimization: The TMS system will help GONSA automate transportation processes, from transportation planning, and journey tracking, to cost management.  

This helps GONSA save time, and costs, improve transportation efficiency, and ensure medicines are transported safely and on time. Specifically, TMS MEKSMART automates processes such as:  

    • Data Entry  
    • Order tracking  
    • Driver management  
    • Data analysis
  • Transparency in management: TMS MEKSMART helps businesses retrieve data, and track order status...quickly and accurately. Specifically, TMS MEKSMART offers features such as: 
      • Dashboard overview  
      • Statistical reports  
      • Instant alerts 
  • Improve service quality: TMS system will help GONSA provide professional transportation services, meeting the needs of customers. The system will help GONSA closely monitor the status of medicines, ensuring that drugs are transported in the right conditions, avoiding spoilage. 
  • Data analysis: TMS MEKSMART provides detailed data analysis reports, helping businesses grasp their transportation operations comprehensively. Specifically, TMS MEKSMART provides reports such as: 
    • Transportation expense report  
    • Transportation performance reports  
    • Driver Productivity Report 
  • Enhance competitiveness: The TMS system will help GONSA improve its competitiveness in the market. The system will help GONSA optimize transportation activities, improve service quality, and help GONSA bring added value to customers. 


The cooperation between MEKSMART and GONSA is a testament to the strong development of Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry. This is also a positive signal that Vietnamese pharmaceutical businesses are increasingly focusing on applying modern technology to improve competitiveness.  

With MEKSMART's TMS system, GONSA will have a solid foundation for sustainable development, becoming a leading pharmaceutical enterprise in Vietnam. 


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