In a highly competitive environment, efficient management of logistics is the key to ensuring products products are always available on the shelves and build brand image. With logistics management software.
Our MEK- WMS will be the core key that enables FMCG providers to establish and manage their logistics in an agile, efficient, economical and growth-ready manner.
  • Deliver superior service to ensure product availability through inventory management.
  • Capable of managing large volumes and wide range of products, MEK- WMS meets the specific requirements of different product lines: variety of supply systems, methods of receiving and preparing, transferring intersection between locations, cross connections, time, ...
  • Thrifty control reduces logistics, warehousing and transportation costs.
  • Eliminate manual errors, inefficiencies and improve inventory management reporting. Intelligently accurately manage inventory data by type, item code, status, date of storage, class of use, ...
  • Set up smart solutions in choosing export goods to improve management capabilities, helping businesses reduce the risks of stagnation,
    inventory. Consolidate solution in order picking, nature, area, lump sum,
Dashboard (Dashboard)
The dashboard function provides an overview of the warehouse's information including statistics of inbound and outbound quantities (inbound and outbound), inventory of picking activities, operational efficiency, capacity, suggestions for replenishment. chemical.

Inbound process
The function of managing the import process in the logistics system includes, creating orders(PO – ASN), create return order (RMA), complete order (Good Receipt).

Outbound process
Functions to manage the shipping process include create order, allocate, pick, shipping, cancel.And more...
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