Update: 28/11/2022


In addition to WMS smart warehouse management solution, some SaaS providers also launched the transport management system TMS to help meet the needs of professional transportation service management from businesses.

Today, let's take a deeper dive into the concept of a transportation management system, and the benefits of this digital solution.

What is a Transportation Management System?

A transport management system (TMS) is an application developed specifically for transport activities, using a variety of feature modules to support businesses to manage transportation or logistics apparatus accurately and efficiently.

Currently, the transport system of enterprises in Vietnam is operating quite complicatedly, easily causing economic damage.

To limit unnecessary problems, as well as maximize the available resources for transportation, the application of the TMS management system is considered the best choice.

Some key features of the transportation management system

To be able to help businesses manage transportation systems, TMS needs to possess the following special and practical features:

Automation of coordination activities: The automated coordination system will help businesses arrange time, schedule and scientific travel routes, and optimize costs and time.

Document management: TMS supports the ability to browse online certifications for drivers, limiting face-to-face contact.

Package tracking feature: This feature helps businesses keep a good grasp of the situation of goods, as well as the time and location of goods transported thanks to the integration of GPS navigation technology and the Internet of Things IoT. Besides, when anything goes wrong, management can also quickly receive notifications on the device to deploy when timely actions are taken.

Fleet management: TMS features help businesses manage drivers, vehicles, cross-docking operations, and maintenance costs.

Application of Meksmart TMS transport management system

Developed to optimize the transportation management of enterprises, Meksmart is proud to launch a TMS solution that integrates modern technologies, providing the following benefits:

Optimize transportation costs

The TMS Meksmart system provides the ability to manage and track the activity of goods as well as invoices. Accordingly, businesses can optimize these types of operating costs.

Most of the costs incurred come from waiting time for loading and unloading goods, and losses from bills and fuel wastage. TMS Meksmart helps minimize these risks, helping to optimize transportation costs for businesses.

Real-time management

The Meksmart transportation management system provides real-time reporting to increase metrics transparency. Therefore, when transporting arise problems, management can grasp the situation quickly and handle it promptly.

Enhance customer experience

The use of TMS can make transportation smooth and efficient. Increased on-time delivery rate with customers increases reliability and customer satisfaction.

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