Update: 05/12/2022


Transportation in logistics is the key industry group of the market today. Possessing high growth potential as well as the potential for development and quick profit.

However, difficulties in transport management are considered one of the reasons why businesses have not been able to exploit the full development potential of their businesses.

Therefore, the use of transport management software is considered a suitable solution that brings many benefits to businesses. Follow the following to find out more about this issue.

Why do use transportation management software?

Vietnamese enterprises often use traditional ways of coordinating, managing and controlling the transportation of goods. However, this method will create some problems such as:

  • No digitized, automated, and complete processes
  • Do not know the status of the shipping route
  • Do not know the status of goods
  • Uncontrolled leading to loss of goods, damage
  • Failure to promptly recognize the state of front-end failure and maintenance
  • Unable to collate the number of drivers and employees

Meksmart is a leading SaaS solution provider in the supply chain field. Mek-TMS solution is built for businesses with high practicality, optimizing productivity and performance, in addition to economic efficiency while bringing great competitive value to businesses.

TMS transport management software created by Meksmart is considered one of the leading software to help businesses operate operations:

  • Capture, control, secure, and fine-tune transit times
  • Control shipping routes and monitor the status of goods
  • Maximize revenue, and improve business efficiency
  • Minimize costs, eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Close links and minimization errors between parties
  • Increase customer service experience, increase brand value

Partner with Meksmart you will get

With the desire to provide product services of international standards, Meksmart is constantly innovating and creating to improve the quality of products and services and become a leader in participating fields.

TMS transport management software is created and optimized by teams of experts to meet the needs of comprehensive monitoring of operations and operation processes through modern technology. Besides, when cooperating with Meksmart, you will get:

  • Experienced team: Experts research and propose smart and advanced technology solutions.
  • Suitable cost: MEK-TMS provides deployment costs suitable for many small and medium enterprises to help businesses operate transportation activities efficiently at reasonable prices.
  • Online and real-time use: The solution can be used in both websites and applications, you can use it easily on devices with the Internet anytime, anywhere.

The figures can be recorded in real-time, helping to increase transparency for the numbers provided to the system that managers can safely manage remotely.

  • Safety and security: Multi-layered and continuously improved security system to help create a safe and reliable environment for customers.


Transportation management software plays a great role in the development of the economy and logistics businesses in particular. Applying MEK-TMS transportation management software to your operations can help improve operational efficiency quickly. You can also contact us for a free consultation on the solution.


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