Applying technology in business activities, distribution management in the context of a competitive market economy is a key factor, showing the capacity and development ability of an enterprise. How to save costs? How to effectively manage goods? How to minimize errors caused by objective factors and especially from human factors? How to always be proactive? How to know exactly all transaction information, distribution activities that happened in the past quickly?
   Whether your focus is e-commerce, B2B or B2C, Mekmart's flexible, intelligent software solutions will meet the needs of your business and that of your customers.
  • Deliver superior service to ensure product availability through inventory management.
  • Capable of managing large volumes and wide range of products, MEK- WMS meets the specific requirements of different product lines: variety of supply systems, methods of receiving and preparing, transferring intersection between locations, cross connections, time, ...
  • Thrifty control reduces logistics, warehousing and transportation costs.
  • Eliminate manual errors, inefficiencies and improve inventory management reporting. Intelligently accurately manage inventory data by type, item code, status, date of storage, class of use, ...
  • Set up smart solutions in choosing export goods to improve management capabilities, helping businesses reduce the risks of stagnation,
    inventory. Consolidate solution in order picking, nature, area, lump sum
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