Update: 26/09/2022


Warehouse management is indispensable in every business, especially retailers or chain store owners. Many suppliers have launched warehouse management systems to optimize the efficiency of this critical task.

So what exactly is this system? Why can the system help with optimal warehouse management? Let's find out with Meksmart in today's article.

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What is Warehouse Management System?

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a specialized system that supports guidance, monitoring, and control of import and export activities, goods storage, and inventory.

This system can be integrated with other types of software such as transportation management software, purchasing management software – ERP, production and order, etc.

Currently, warehouse management systems are also used at ICD warehouses and DC distribution centers. Common functions of a warehouse management system include:

  • Order processing support
  • Sale and distribution of goods
  • Inventory management
  • Import/Export
  • Find and manage supplies
  • Payment Management

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, many warehouses have integrated smart technologies such as voice-picking, light-picking, hand-held support, etc. in warehouse management. Since then, the efficiency of warehouse management has also grown significantly.

Advantages of Warehouse Management System

This inventory management becomes even easier with the mobile management application. This is considered an important step in warehouse management, aiming to operate the warehouse without a lot of paperwork.

In addition, the accuracy rate when managing warehouses has also improved significantly because there is no longer manual data entry as before. Integrating an automatic warning system, the system helps business owners update their inventory status continuously, helping to avoid out-of-stock.

When there is any risk of stock shortage, the system will send an email or SMS to notify the responsible person to take appropriate action soon.

In addition, the system also helps to store goods in the most appropriate space, arranged in logical order as per customer's request, by shipment, or by type of goods.

Thanks to the scientific storage, the warehouse space will be optimized and the product search will also take place faster.

In addition, the system also supports import/export management as follows:

Import goods

  • Planning to receive goods
  • Faster warehouse processing and checking
  • Receive instructions for importing inventory from the system/software
  • Take photo proof of goods condition
  • Label printing and labeling on the spot

Product delivery

  • Reduce picking time
  • Automatic determination of the quantity and type of packing material will keep the goods safe at the lowest packaging cost


It can be seen that the current warehouse management system has proven its superior ability in warehouse management operations. The integrated technologies in the system make it easy to manage import and export goods and track inventory.

From there, business owners can actively grasp the operation of the warehouse without having to visit or handle it manually as before.

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