Update: 29/11/2022


Demand for transportation management systems is increasing day by day. A transport management system (TMS) provides basic solutions, including truck management and transportation coordination, driver record management, driver payroll, a follow-up to the transportation department, invoice printing, and maintenance.

This digital system helps optimize the shipping process, analyze reports and manage customer operations. To choose the right transportation management system for your business, you need to pay attention to a few things in the following content.

What To Consider When Choosing A Transport Management System

Choose the prestigious carrier

Your business will work with stakeholders such as carriers, brokers, or both, and the transportation management system must be flexible to meet the company's requirements.

For example, when a transport business receives an order to transfer goods and the broker gets a commission, the TMS system must maximize the high-profit efficiency for both parties.

Understand the need and demand

One of the important things that businesses need to pay attention to is understanding their needs both now and in the future. A constructive TMS system allows you to customize the features to suit the nature of your business.

Built-in awareness available

Businesses can look for a transportation management system that offers EDI electronic data interchange and test track. These features can help meet the unique needs of your business.

Reliability rating

One of the things that businesses need to keep in mind when choosing a TMS system is to ask their sales partners about typical methods that are related or similar to yours.

The transport management system vendor must have a specific use case for what their solution can do for your business. It could be an example of transporting goods with special specifications or operating a trailer.

Choosing the TMS that can integrate with accounting software

Businesses can consider the option of TMS that can integrate with their existing system. This will help your company automate the payment process.

Ability to store customer information

One of the things businesses need to consider is the system's ability to communicate with customers. It is best to choose solutions with a secure online interface, helping customers know the actual shipment status.

Ability to solve problems

The right TMS system is trusted because it can proactively solve customer-facing problems—for example, the late dismantling of goods.

Be a smart business

A good TMS system provides useful business data such as earnings per mileage, percentage of on-time deliveries, and inventory rates so that processes can be analyzed and improved.

Wrapping up

Aiming to assist businesses in transport management, Meksmart provides a typical transportation management system with a number of features such as:

  • Schedule/an appointment on the pier
  • Scheduling and routing of private fleet vehicles
  • Expression and parcel optimization
  • Transport model
  • 3D loading building
  • Traffic forecast

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