Update: 10/11/2022


According to a recent Google report on omnichannel sales, the group of customers who regularly buy from many different channels gives better customer value than other customer groups by more than 30%.

In other words, retailers or brands will have more opportunities to interact with customers as they increase their presence in different sales channels – in person or online.

However, this is not the only reason why retailers should adopt an omnichannel model. So what are the other causes? Let's find out in the following content.

Why should retailers adopt an omnichannel model? The following are some reasons why the omnichannel model should be focused on and applied by retailers.

  1. Increase sales

Omnichannel offers customers a diverse product portfolio to choose from that they can reach in a variety of sales channels. Brands or retailers often expand their sales channels to promote promotions to consumers, encouraging them to spend on their products, thereby increasing sales revenue.

On the consumer side, they will have a wide choice of brands or retailers that offer the same product category. From there, they can choose the right product based on the needs and preferences of each person. This can be seen as a win-win sales method for both brands and consumers.

  1. Improve accuracy in identifying customer segments

In omnichannel operations, retailers can track their customer categories across points of sale, while also knowing their shopping characteristics and preferences. From there, they can come up with appropriate product strategies for the target group such as product type, and product offer type for the target customer group.

  1. Personalize your product portfolio

Today's consumers tend to focus on both quality and product experience instead of just focusing on the product as before. Stores both in person and online move from a place to buy and sell products to a place for customers to experience using products.

Therefore, to be able to attract a certain customer base, brands need to focus on studying the taste of consumers to offer appropriate sales programs in different channels.

Accordingly, customers can own a seamless and consistent service and product experience, thereby becoming loyal customers of the brand.

Other causes include:

Improved market share

Increase brand awareness

Wrapping Up

Above are the top 3 reasons why retailers as well as brands need to focus on omnichannel applications. In short, omnichannel sales will help them increase their chances of reaching new customers, as well as increase the number of loyal customers for the brand.

Accordingly, businesses can increase sales from different sales channels, while increasing competitiveness compared to other competitors in the market.

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