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Coordination management is one of the important tasks for the transportation management of an enterprise. This task will be directly related to the transport results of the enterprise including information about the route, tonnage, contractor as well as the capacity of the business to meet.

The question is, how to manage coordination effectively? Find out right in the following content.

Effective coordination management with technology

Companies involved in transportation activities can use transportation management systems to solve outstanding problems in the transportation process, especially in coordination management.

For example, food retailers with more than 200 stores in seven U.S. states have to make hundreds of LTM shipments a week. The application of the transportation management system has helped retailers cut the number of shipments to 20-30 / per week.

The business combines LTL shipments with FTL shipments from cargo collection locations through the integration of shipment data and cooperation from suppliers and transport partners. It is known that the cost of unloading fluctuates at 200 USD. In other words, using TMS has helped businesses cut costs by up to $30K per week.

TMS system helps to plan transportation and optimize coordination management. Accordingly, TMS helps businesses determine the most optimal delivery route. Accordingly, the system provides businesses with detailed data and highly accurate cost statistical analysis.

For example, large-scale businesses with large orders and volumes of goods often use both in-house and outsourced fleets.

The coordinators will be responsible for selecting and evaluating according to criteria such as fleet capability and price. This will help meet the criteria set by the customer and the order.

With the TMS transportation management system, the coordinator will be able to develop a more efficient route plan, while controlling the fleet situation, cutting operating costs and the time and effort of the coordinator.

TMS software that optimizes shipping routes can also be integrated with third-party platforms, helping to increase the capacity of businesses to transport businesses, operating with redundant fleet functionality.

In other words, when the number of goods to be delivered exceeds the number of vehicles of the business, the software can automatically switch to using a third-party system.

This solution can help increase the flexibility of businesses' delivery operations and meet the requirements that may arise in operations.

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