Update: 10/11/2022


Businesses are now facing many difficulties in transportation operations and management. The management method is still mainly based on the traditional model such as using spreadsheets Excel, and papers and communicating using messaging tools on social networks.

This way of operating causes losses and waste for businesses due to the lack of transparency in the numbers as well as analytical statistics for the collected data.

As a result, carriers often have to make decisions that lack the right character, wasting manpower and time. It can be said that transportation management is a complex and difficult job. Administration and operation are not up to date quickly and lack of intuitiveness and accuracy.

In this case, is a transportation management system considered the optimal solution to help solve the above situation? So what exactly is this software? And what are the benefits of this software? Let's find out in today's article about Meksmart!

Transportation management system overview

The transportation management system is specialized software for fleet management, containers, coordination, reporting ... supporting operators easily, and minimizing errors. Help businesses improve shipping efficiency, reduce costs, gain real-time supply chain visibility, and ensure customer satisfaction.

A transportation management system helps support the process of ordering, forwarding, monitoring, and managing trucks, tractors, and container dispatch, helping to optimize product shipping management.

What features does the transportation management system have?

The following are some of the key features of the transportation management system:

  • Transport optimization: All transport activities related to route optimization, freight forwarding points, and truck
  • Delivery authentication: The feature allows POD to take photos and send them via a mobile Transportation management system with an automatic delivery function thanks to GPS technology.
  • Automated reporting: Allows automating the invoice creation process in a variety of,  In addition, updating driver and fleet KPIs in real-time is also easily done with the transportation management system, helping to track and manage delivery performance.

Benefits of the transportation management system

Most transportation management system brings the following benefits to businesses:

Reduce transportation costs

When applying a transportation management system, businesses can have automation processes at stages with human participation. From there, businesses can save costs such as operating staff, human resources, and other costs.

Save time

Thanks to automation, businesses can reduce the time to perform the same work if done using the previous method.

Increase competitiveness

When businesses can optimize their transportation operation processes, other activities can also take place more smoothly, thereby improving the operational productivity of the business.

When businesses operate effectively, it means businesses can also increase the competitiveness of their business compared to other competitors in the market.

Wrapping Up

Above is some content related to the transportation management system. In short, transport software has become an effective support tool for businesses in their transportation operations.

From there, businesses can optimize time and resource costs, increase operational efficiency and increase competitiveness compared to competitors.

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