Update: 06/12/2022


Warehouse 4.0 applies modern technologies towards the goal of reducing human labor and increasing work productivity. Among the solutions that make up warehouse 4.0, it is impossible not to mention the AGV self-propelled vehicle.

1. What is self-driving car?

AGV is an acronym for Automation Guided Vehicle. This is a vehicle that applies navigation technology solutions to support the transportation of goods and materials in a large production area to pre-marked locations. It is because of the above automatic transport feature that AGV can almost completely eliminate human intervention in the operation.

2. Why is AGV the perfect solution to your logistics challenges?

Today, more and more units are actively promoting the deployment of smart robot models like AGV in the warehouse area. The benefits that the above businesses achieve include:

Improved accuracy, speed productivity

  • With the use of AGVs in the warehouse area, logistics personnel can easily handle larger volumes of goods with greater accuracy. The access to technology in the above transportation sector brings productivity and efficiency up to 30% higher than the previous use of human power. As a result, businesses can fulfill orders faster, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Increase the safety in the work of warehouse staff

  • The warehouse area seems to include only simple tasks. However, this place always has potential dangers, causing unsafety for employees themselves. Specifically, transporting large volumes of inventory with constant intensity as well as goods stacked on very high shelves… can cause unnecessary problems for employees.
  • However, with mechanical support from AGV, employees are fully supported with warehouse operations, greatly reducing musculoskeletal problems (MSD) and workplace accidents. job. This will certainly reduce the stress both physically and mentally for employees. This boosts productivity and makes the warehouse a better working environment.

Automate manual, repetitive tasks

  • The collaboration of intelligent robots in general and aGV autonomous vehicles, in particular, has helped businesses solve repetitive, manual work problems such as picking and transporting items around the warehouse floor. Employees can now focus their time, energy and energy on handling more complex tasks, creating more value for the business.
  • It can be seen that the investment cost of AGV self-propelled vehicles may be relatively large, however, the effects that businesses receive are extremely large.

3. Applications of AGV vehicles in warehouse management

Transporting goods with a large tonnage

  • AGV self-propelled vehicles transport goods when they have different sizes and loads (including those with large tonnage). This increases the AGV's multitasking capabilities in a multi-item warehouse.

 Moving goods in narrow aisles and high compartments

  • To increase the storage capacity of the warehouse, businesses need to optimize the aisle width and the height of the shelves. This causes warehouse areas to often have narrow aisles and lots of tall shelves built close together. With the above space characteristics, the AGVs are designed to be able to move in tight spaces as well as to allow quick loading and unloading of goods.

The AGV self-propelled vehicle is an indispensable piece for modern warehouses to become more efficient and productive. However, for AGV to be really effective, integration with smart warehouse management software solutions is something that businesses need to consider.

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