Update: 17/10/2022


Logistics industry and Chain bow application Okay see to be two branch bear image enjoy deep sharp best of the trend number chemistry and play develop labor technology. The up science department _ labor turmeric like AI, self dynamic chemistry, Big Data are all contributed part create are not little muscle festival play develop mixed challenge awake give logistics industry and Chain bow application.

Together the point fast top 3 trends number chemistry logistics industry and Chain bow application in post write day today.

Top Trends Number Chemistry Logistics industry

1. Blockchain

Blockchain broadcasts develop as dance storm tell are from 2008, back become a trend labor turmeric pepper expression best opposite to with logistics industry and Chain bow application.

Job test the point application Use Blockchain in receive area this gives see events brand fruit pass dominant. Wallet example dictionary Figure like startup CargoX already history Use Blockchain in labor turmeric Queen need plain way application use Ethereum network to guarantee to tell safety _ _ when the transfer delivers information.

Although course to yes can dark pros brand blockchain results, business Karma logistics industry needs real presently the thing to sue fairy decide other like standard make, do clean evil whether, and create generation born Thai Between opposite to works Chain bow application to yes can application use the set pepper standard above full scope _ branch to share blockchain.

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2. AI - Intelligence wisdom core create

Branch Queen need also start a head transfer turn to history using the labor turmeric contact Quan AI - Tri wisdom core creates. An original core is due to the business Karma branch this expect would like to build Okay one generation system luck transfer dark pros and pine bright more, yes can create next plan line Street also like feces volume Okay soft bridge People use.

The potential power of the wisdom core creates the opposite of logistics and Chain bow application. Yes, it can remind the robot of their ability to power deliver row line last, system goods pick system on one's move or part soft yes ability power dark pros attend guess.

Beside edge there, wisdom pine bright gets a raise strong also Okay application is used in the logistics industry and Chain bow application.

According to one research assist by Gartner, intellectual wisdom pine bright get a raise strong to generate 2.9 thousand Billion US Dollars _ about price treat terrible business and help increase by 6.2 billion VND hours do work, work good power labor rate _ above full position gender in 2021.

3. Show market Chain bow application time real

Show market Chain bow application follow time real Okay attend guess will play strong in time come. Soft bridges about history use evil whether or not information follows time, real are day ass family increase.

Therefore, business _ Karma logistics industry and Chain bow application Candlestick practice central enter job develop declare application use show market Chain bow application enter the set machine luck onion. Okay now, the business Karma integrated logistics industry fit show market Chain bow application yes can Carry again brand fruit high up 20% more than the business Karma are not history use.

Wrapping Up

Above this are the top 3 trends in number chemistry logistics industry and Chain bow application. The business Karma Hentai dynamic in receive area this is greedy family enter the Chain bow application yes can Find understand more about trends _ _ above to yes can dark multi-chemistry brand rate luck onion of myself.

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