Update: 26/09/2022


Following the series of articles on warehouse management systems, Meksmart will introduce some of the most popular management systems currently in the Vietnamese market. Hopefully, businesses will find appropriate technology solutions for their warehouse operations.

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Top 4 Warehouse Management Systems 2022

1. Smart Warehouse Management System MEK- WMS

MEKSMART is a leading warehouse management solution (WMS) provider in Vietnam. Understanding that each business will have different warehouse management needs, Meksmart has launched three specialized warehouse management solutions including:

  • MEK-WMS 3PLs
  • MEK-WMS On Demand

The system provides tailored inventory management services to third-party logistics providers and wholesalers & distributors from various industries over a long period of time.

Some outstanding features of MEKSMART include:

  • Manage inventory anytime, anywhere
  • Control the entire warehouse operation of the enterprise
  • Optimizing cost and time
  • Real-time inventory reporting
  • Fast whole order processing during peak season (For on-demand MEK-WMS solution
  • Flexible fee payment method
  • Provide quick and efficient statistical and analysis reports

2. Perfect Warehouse

The perfect Warehouse system helps business owners control and manage optimal warehouse operations with outstanding advantages such as:

  • Manage the number of materials and goods easily
  • Decentralize employee rights by level quickly and simply
  • User-friendly design
  • Provide statistical analysis on warehouse management

3. Kiotviet

One of the most popular warehouse management systems today is KiotViet. Features that help Kiotviet win the trust of users include:

  • Provide tools to update warehouse data in real-time
  • Minimize loss of goods
  • Convenient and simple management, allowing business owners to easily enter the number of goods
  • Support grouping of customers, as well as managing incentive programs and managing business activities

4. Sapo POS

Sapo is a special warehouse management system for chain stores. The system specifically supports tasks such as:

  • Manage import/export goods, helping to save processing time and human costs
  • Detailed and accurate management of store chain inventory
  • In particular, the system can connect to Facebook directly, helping to update order information automatically, and supporting businesses to proactively advise and advise customers.


With the top list of the most popular warehouse management systems today, we hope that you will find the right solution. If you are interested in the MEKSMART warehouse management solution, please contact us immediately to get a free Demo. Good luck!

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