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Update: 14/09/2022


Currently, the situation of warehouses with unnecessary losses still exists. The problem is whether there is a way to effectively manage the warehouse, helping to limit losses?

But what is inventory management ? How to manage inventory effectively? Let's find out with MEKSMART in today's article.

What is warehouse management?

Warehouse management is one of the important tasks of any business. A warehouse is a place where products or goods are sold at retail stores. Warehouses often contain many types of goods with different quantities. We can understand warehouse management in two directions:

1. According to the job position

Warehouse management is warehouse-related activities such as import and export, transportation, sorting and inventory of goods, etc.

These activities will help retail operations run smoothly and on schedule. Các hoạt động Warehouse management depends on othe size and industry of the company.

2. According to the nature of work

Warehouse manager the job of storing, updating goods in the warehouse, etc. This job is systematic, involving sourcing, storage and ultimately sales. Goods can be in the form of finished products or raw materials.

Learn more: Why inventory management ? The main reason is mainly to increase the operating efficiency and profit margin for the business.

Top mistakes to avoid when managing inventory

1. Not doing regular inventory

When there is a lot of work to do, owners doanh nghiệpoften skip the inventory. This mistake can make management difficult and prone to errors or losses.

Therefore, in order to optimize the cost of goods, it is necessary to monitor and control the warehouse regularly to grasp the status of export / import / tồn warehouse, thereby deploying a reasonable and accurate order plan. corpse.

2. Unscientific arrangement

Another common mistake of businesses is arranging goods unreasonably and scientifically. Such warehouse management makes tracking and management time-consuming, especially when looking for something in the warehouse.

Therefore, it is necessary to classify goods and arrange them in a logical and usable order. Some possible methods include:

  • Paste product code
  • Set position arrow
  • Mark the shelf

3. Outdated equipment and technology

Many businesses today are still using Excel spreadsheets and books to manage inventory. However, this approach is leading to becoming obsolete because it takes a lot of manpower and time, not to mention the error proneness.

To be able to solve the above problems, warehouse management by software is being chosen by many businesses because of the accuracy and efficiency that the system brings. Some outstanding advantages of smart warehouse management applications include:

  • Accurately control the amount of goods in stock
  • Searching for goods information quickly and easily
  • Save time and effort


Above is information to help you understand what warehouse management is, besides a list of mistakes to avoid when managing warehouses. MEKSMART hopes that the article has provided the necessary information for you. Good luck!


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