Update: 22/12/2022


Fleet managers are in charge of managing the quantity and quality of vehicles before, during, and after use. In addition, fleet management will be responsible for working directly with drivers and drivers and performing monitoring, inspection as well as solving problems occurring during operation.

A detailed description of fleet management

1. Work related to vehicles

  • Vehicle-related jobs include:
  • Check the operation of the vehicle indirectly or directly through the navigation device or report from the It is necessary to ensure that the classes meet safety.
  • Make sure to have all kinds of documents such as driver's license, vehicle registration, insurance, cargo list, and passenger list to avoid related
  • Fleet management is also responsible for pre-use inspection of vehicles to ensure vehicle safety and quality to avoid unnecessary vehicle
  • One of the jobs of fleet management is the management of quantity, quality, repair schedules, maintenance, and detailed vehicle

2. Work related to drivers

  • Make a schedule, arrange work for the driver with clear work When the job assignment needs to be clear, easier it is for the driver to work as planned, ensuring the timely transportation of goods.
  • Control driver tasks during transportation by receiving information from the driver directly.
  • Handling and solving problems arising during the transportation of goods by

3. Driver guidance and training work

In addition to managing vehicle management, fleet managers need to train in related operations and skills such as:

  • First aid for passengers in the car
  • Communication skills

Using technology in fleet management

Today, with the advancement of science and technology, instead of using paper measures to solve fleet management problems, some businesses have transformed themselves to use the TMS transportation management system.

It is known that this system integrates a number of useful features such as:

  • Transport automation helps automate optimal transportation planning
  • Optimizing routes, delivery, and receiving
  • Real-time tracking: Continuously update vehicle status and
  • Automatically send a violation report when there is dishonest behavior such as stopping at a strange place or the wrong
  • Verify delivery via GPS location and driver
  • Automatic payment by creating, exporting, reconsolidating
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