Update: 08/11/2022


In previous articles, Meksmart introduced some terms about warehouse management systems and cross-docking.

Following a series of articles providing knowledge about logistics and warehouse management, we have researched and synthesized information related to put away, also known as moving into warehouses. So what is the essence of put away? Find out below.

What is Put Away?

Put away is also called transfer to the warehouse, this is an important activity for cross-docking (serial trip). Accordingly, goods and products will be transferred to the export process directly.

Any products that are not serial must be stored in a dedicated area.

Types of storage

Currently, there are 3 common types of hosting: storage before, during, and after processing.

Conventional storage or storage before processing

For this type of storage, unallocated goods will be placed on shelves, floors, or racks to wait when needed. They will then be transported to the picking area or transported by truck if the pallets are full.

Storage at processing (on case flow)

The goods will be pulled out from the time of receipt and sent to the selected storage area in order to fulfill the order. If the goods have been confirmed upon receipt, they will be shipped to the conveyor belt and distributed to the store.

If the goods need to be disintegrated, they will be brought to the case flow shelf directly. Accordingly, businesses can optimize the transportation step to the storage area in the condition that the warehouse management system supports this function.

Storage after processing

The most basic version of the post-processing storage type is to remove the export label to wait for shipping. The most advanced solutions of this type can be considered AS/RS (Automated storage and retrieval system).

Almost all businesses that use put away are redirected to this type of hosting. Put away basically begins when a person approaches a load and uses a device to read it with a machine. Usually, it is a barcode for scanning, but can also be entered by hand or using RFID technology.

It is known that the current WMS warehouse management system provides the ability to determine the location, helping to provide information about the operator who will transfer the goods into the warehouse. This system will locate and navigate to 1 or more regions later.

Example: Goods selected in 1 picking module will be stored in the aisle area close to the module.

Wrapping Up

Above is information related to the term put away which means to move into the warehouse. There is also information about the types of storage: pre-processing, in-processing, and post-processing. Meksmart hopes that the article provides all the necessary information you need about put away. Thanks for reading!

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