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One of the other common terms in the logistics industry is picking. So what is it? Meksmart has researched and compiled some useful information that you will need in today's article, besides content about the condition of full pallets. Discover now.

What is Picking?

Picking is a function commonly developed during warehouse operations. In fact, the picking method is divided into two types:

  • Even picking
  • Odd picking

It is known that one of the main trends in the application of picking technology is to choose bales and pallets.

Practice shows that there is no single approach that can meet all needs. There are no automatic composing, recall (RS/AS) modules, storage systems, multi-decker vehicles, and staff to handle all products.

In the past, the picking process was relatively similar and there were some areas for slow-rotating products while others were for all other items.

However, modern warehouses apply advanced smart technology to help the process by order type, product as well as product rotation speed.

Recently, the supply chain market has witnessed a great development of technologies and the combination of 3-4 technologies to help maintain the operation of a building.

Achieving this success requires stakeholders to have a thorough understanding of orders categorized by the number of SKUs and segments, helping to provide the most effective options and solutions for different types of items.

Full Pallets

Products when handled in full pallets are usually products with a short life cycle such as paper towels. In general, the selection of pallets requires forklifts to transport to the warehouse and take away the full unit load – FUL (1 pallet) and transport it to the docks.

Here, the pallet will be labeled for transportation and validation, the operating process allows the lifter to check the license plate affixed to the pallet, transport it to the dock and directly drop it onto a hook about 53 feet long.

Full pallet deliveries have been on a downward trend in recent periods. Therefore, in order to increase the number of rounds of inventory and on-time delivery, orders are often reached in smaller quantities and more commercially to promote less pallet picking.

One of the other causes is the rapid increase in SKUs. When the market no longer popularizes the full pallet transport model, it will raise the problem of high labor costs because transporting pallets is very hard but inefficient.

The increase in pallet transport gives impetus to the development of new forms of mechanization and automation that did not appear decades ago.

Many of the applications discovered led to the development and intensification of research on layer-picking technology, also known as layered picking.

Some of these technologies have been applied in the production of Sku single pallet construction. New technology in addition to familiar applications helps create new application bases in layer picking.

Another picking concept is case picking, also known as case picking. This model is intended to help retrieve 1 or more bales to create mixed pallets.

There are many ways to help assemble mixed pallets. The simplest way is that the picker or picker will go with the picklist and install the shelves down the warehouse aisle, stopping at the floor position to select 1 or more packages to help stack yourself.


Above is some information about what is picking that you may be interested in. Hopefully, the article will provide useful knowledge for you. Thanks for reading.

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