Update: 30/11/2022


Known as an essential part of warehouse infrastructure, the right racking gives managers the ability to maximize space and optimize organization for efficiency in goods handling processes in the warehouse. warehouse. So, how to choose the right rack/shelf for your company's warehouse? The following article will introduce 4 common types of shelves and racks in the warehouse.

1. Selective Racks

Load capacity: 500kg/pallet – 2500kg/pallet
Racking system is most commonly used in warehouses. The selective rack has a structure that is easy to adjust and easy to move, to meet almost all pallet sizes or weights of goods required, suitable for all popular forklifts today. Often used in warehouses with continuous import and export needs, short storage times, or storing a variety of products.

2. Drive-In and Drive-Through Racks

Is a type of storage shelf that holds pallets of homogenous products, a high density of goods, and high investment efficiency, eliminating warehouse space for aisles. It's important to note that the Drive-In has one entrance and exit, but the Drive-Through allows access on both sides of the shelf. Therefore, Drive-In is suitable for LIFO (Last In First Out) process which is often used for nonperishable products or those with low turnover. On the other hand, a Drive-Through system is more suitable for a FIFO (First In First Out) process.

3. Push Back Racking System

Usually used for bulk goods (bulk storage), push-back racking systems can hold from 2 to 4 pallets on each side of the aisle, thus increasing the density of goods stored in the warehouse. Push-back racking is a sliding racking system that holds a lot of pallets on the backs of the sleds of the shelf and automatically moves to the other direction of the shelf, when unloading, the sleds will follow the reverse process to carry the goods. export goods. The Push Back Racking system uses a LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) system and typically features inclined rails, sleds, and double lanes.

4. Flow Racks

Also known as a gravity rack, a flow rack is a racking system that slides in one direction. The system is designed according to the technique of conveyor belt movement with slope forming the moving force of the pallets to one side. Easily control the moving speed of the pallets with the reducer. Flow racks are commonly used in warehouses with FIFO (First-In-First-Out) inventory.


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