Update: 30/11/2022


Some startups believe that human resource is a difficult-to-untie knot in the short term when developing blockchain in Vietnam.
In the event to introduce the programming contest "Coding Camp - Breaking Web 3.0 with Solana" on April 15, Nguyen The Vinh, co-founder of Coin98, said that blockchain is still a niche market, so the problem is unintentional. Human resources is the bottleneck for many startups.
"Experienced people are really scarce because the industry is so new. It's not easy to convince good people from other fields to jump in. Thirsty for human resources is always an eternal difficulty in this field," he said. Vinh said.

Previously, in Leader Talks held by VnExpress at the end of March, Mr. Huy Nguyen, CEO of Kardia Chain, said that technology human resources are never enough, in new fields like blockchain, it is even rarer. "If according to the formula that a country needs 1% of the population to develop new industries, Vietnam needs at least one million workers. However, in reality, it can only meet 1-2% of the market's demand. ", said Mr. Huy.

However, with nearly 30 years of working in the technology field and having experienced the ups and downs of the market, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, Chairman of FPT Telecom, considers that the human resource issue is only a short-term challenge. too worried. "Currently blockchain is not only invested by a few companies, but also by many units. Each place exploits a different aspect, so the team is increasingly crowded," Mr. Tien said at the Coding Camp event.
According to him, Vietnamese engineers have the special ability to learn very quickly. Besides, Vietnam's new generation of technology leaders has the strength of connecting very well with major technology centers and teams in the world, something that the predecessors could not do.
Not only startups, even large technology companies are involved in the new technology field, which is blockchain. Mr. Tien said that FPT Software has about 20,000 software engineers, in which the blockchain team is also very large, betting a lot with positive signals.

Complementing Mr. Tien's comments, Ms. Tamar Menteshashvili, head of ecosystem development at Solana Labs, said that with the available advantages of a team of Vietnamese engineers, Solana is optimistic that Vietnam will become A country that thrives on Web 3.0 and blockchain.
"Vietnam is a country with 63% of the population understanding how to use smartphones and is at the top of the cryptocurrency market. Recently, three Vietnamese teams won the global hackathon. demand, making large investment funds more confident in the potential of development projects from a group of Vietnamese engineers," said Ms. Menteshashvili.

To help solve the challenge of blockchain human resources in Vietnam, Solana's representative is committed to working with major partners such as Coin98 and Sentre to dedicate resources to project developers from Vietnam, especially in the field of blockchain technology. training high-quality engineers.
One of the notable programs is the programming contest "Coding Camp - Breaking Web 3.0 with Solana" for Vietnamese engineers. This is a space for programmers to try Web 3.0 and get attractive rewards.
The contest also builds a metaverse for engineers to learn about Web 3.0. In this metaverse, anyone can access documentation and learn about Web 3.0, using the Rust programming language. 10 programmers with outstanding performance in the competition will have the opportunity to be recruited and work for the Solana ecosystem on a global scale.

According to Mr. Tien, if the Vietnamese staff can grasp how to design and build Web 3.0, it means holding a global citizenship card in hand. "With 10 years of experience in monitoring the technology and startup market, I affirm that the future of Vietnam with blockchain technology is completely open. Now it's not too late to start, but if we don't make effort, we can. will be left behind," said FPT Telecom's chairman.


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