Author: Vương Vũ
Update: 14/12/2022


When practicing social distancing

Consumers increasingly use online means to serve the needs of communication, social connection and work. In addition to online time, people aged 33-55 prioritize time on self-care and family activities, while younger age groups balance work time and taking care of themselves and their families.

Consumers expressed anxiety facing work disruption, safety, health, and reduced income. People aged 33-55 worry more because they are the main breadwinner and always look to the stability of the family.

After the distance is over

The products consumers expect to spend are cosmetics, fashion, and food; The services that will be spent are tourism, catering services, and beauty care
The pandemic will raise consumer awareness in many aspects, typically healthcare. There are also other aspects such as keeping personal distance, cherishing relationships, saving, working online, and always being ready to face changes and challenges in life.


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