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Update: 14/12/2022


While a lot of industry goes down in mid 20-20, growth CDP is exploding for many reasons.In the context of the plague, the business uses his data as smart and effective.CDP helped them do it by pulling the data apart from multiple sources into a central location, organized. Company like Adobe, SAP, Treasure Data, Microsoft and Oracle have invested a lot of money on the CDP development.
In fact, we've seen some pretty interesting development in space even when we write the article in five 2021 last month.A few things to pay attention to until we end the year may be the longest in human history. Twilio bought Segment in a 3-dollar deal for CDP.

In the middle of the 10, Twilio announced that they had a clear deal to buy Segment. This is worth three, two billion USD and ends at the beginning of the 11. If you're not familiar with Twilio, this is a quick version: it's a company of America that provides the cloud at service. They're helping businesses get close to clients through SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, e-mails, and video in an easy foundation. In addition to the media, Twilio concentrates on the final client interaction. Segment {$a CDP/ the data company will help them replenish their intellectual information to a 1000 billion scale model of Twilio every day. Basically, Twilio has a lot of customers' interactive data in many channels and the text will help them understand intelligence and make sense of it. It means that the last of participation is meaningful, in time, more personal than most of the aspects of the client's travel, sales, uh, product developments, etc.
Are Twilio and Segment taking over the CDP market? To be honest, it's too early to know. Both companies are young, about five years, compared to the giant in the industry like Microsoft and Salesforce, but they're both smart enough to realize that there are strong points that can get them to a new range. The buying Segment is used as a sound diversity for Twilio and Segment to really expand the CDP to provide the best interests of the time, which Twilio has been focused a long time. The treasure data (Treasure Data) is in the eyes of the new CDP.

Just a few days after SAP announces its new CDP, Treasure Data, which has been called Arm Treasure Data, has determined to announce that it will also supply the new possibility of its own CDP, which has already subsided a strong fortune. The company says they'll provide 15-year-new integration (currently up to 170) and they've built a software development at the store that helps the world's most eminent-based poll ratio of the shopping mall. Basically, the company is trying to enhance its ability to analyze more information about the client's behavior, more specific information about the client's behavior, and more details about the computer related to the length and activation of the activation. These announcements will encourage users, especially those who are looking for more opportunities to start with CDP... this is a big obstacle when the company is deemed valuable but it's difficult to find the best course to continue. The details of Microsoft and the ecosystem are developing with Adobe and Tom Siebel's C3.

Like Treasure Data, Microsoft wouldn't give up less and recently developed its own upgrades at the beginning of the month's 10. The current CDP supply of the company, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, was a prime factor for many companies. However, it is impossible to emphasize that this space increases the heat to provide a better, stronger, more powerful, accurate, and Microsoft is working hard to not fail. The new options for this broadcast include more detailed information about the purpose and behavior of the client on the channels, integrated deeper analysis with Microsoft Azsoft Synapse Analytics, and the ability to share the finance of the supplier. Besides, Microsoft continues to invest in the ecosystem. Although it's not just for CDP, but for CRM and AI, it's the foundation to maximize data and experience clients. This is interesting considering the microscope of Microsoft's sim, it continues to rely on our partnership to enhance our services.
The company worked to maximize the data to gain more flexibility and enrich data over open data manufacturing (ODI), which is associated with Adobe and other companies. Speaking of Adobe, Microsoft has been working with Adobe and the latest businesses of Tom Siebel for democratic to democratic AI for local markets. These convoluted ecosystem systems will be more important to the CX, especially for the B2B applications that are less served when combined with CDP.

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