Update: 30/11/2022


Over the past thirty years, many firms across the globe have been widely aware of the compact manufacturing thinking manufacturing) manufacturing) to improve their operations. Now, with the explosion of modern digital technology, businesses can use both lean models with the fourth industrial modernization.

What' s lean?

Lean in english means mastery, coherent or seamless. The different levels of lean include lean manufacturing (sản, lean enterprise (doanh professionalism and lean thinking (tư tinh.
In the 1950s, at the toyota auto maker in japan, the gọn production method was born. The term " lean manufacturing” this first time in the world in 1990, in the machine that changed the world” of author daniel jones, james womack and daniel roos.
The purpose of this method is to eliminate unnecessary stages or activities that do not value the production process. With such simplicity and simplicity, business, as well as the production of enterprises, will reduce the cost and savings of costs.

What is the 4. 0 industrial revolution?

Based on the data platform and connectivity, industry 4. 0 is the nhất of the physical world and digital to achieve detailed information about analyzed data. Some of the most advanced technology or trends are pushing' the fourth industrialized wave'.
That is :

  1. Universal internet internet
  2. Big data and analysis
  3. 3d or 3d material
  4. Advanced robot
  5. Virtual reality and virtual reality interaction
  6. Cloud computing
  7. Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  8. Horizontal and vertical integration of (bao includes information technology integration and (ot)) operating technology
  9. Simulation technology

And industry 4. 0 is based on the basis of the gọn manufacturing method of continuous improvement in businesses that will bring important data to the enterprise. The ability to connect devices, sensors, machinery, and software allows data collection in real time. This provides managers with the ability to improve processes or anticipate errors before they occur, and machines can automatically optimize, diagnose, or configure more efficiently.

Lean in the 4. 0 industrial environment

The lean philosophies, 6 sigma and industry 4. 0 are often added to each other and can provide managers with or operate a deep look at achieving higher production efficiency.
With increasingly demanding production and complexity, many businesses recognize lean technologies are often not enough to solve competitive pressure. By combining industry - 4. 0 technology: IoT, and robots, entrepreneurs can speed up, efficiency, and coordination, and even create favorable conditions for the manufacturing of factories.

For example, factories are no longer a series of old production chains. Industry support 4. 0 allows managers to monitor networks of interconnected networks, like a living body, which can highlight opportunities to improve or even be trained to optimize performance. This increased visibility contributes directly to the improved improvement' activities.

Boston consulting group said manufacturers have successfully implemented both ideas that have reduced 40% costs in five to 10 years. This is a better result than implementing one of two separate philosophies. However, this concept is new, with fewer than 5% of manufacturers that reach high maturity levels of 4. 0.

Three examples of how to combine technology 4. 0 and neat principles

Get customers as a center

Lean always focuses on the method of making customers the first focus. And now digital technology is allowing manufacturers to get a clearer picture of customers' needs.
For example, data analysis and even artificial intelligence can be used to analyze data for better customer needs. For example, in analyzing your client's app usage or learning when, where and how many people visit your product's origin through code. This is the philosophical way to take a customer as a focus, which is raised by a 4. 0 technology lever.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement activities follow the lean method on production lines that can selectively change a variable, check that variable in real time and consider results accordingly. New technologies such as strong modeling tools and digital (digital twin) allow manufacturers to test their assumptions in the virtual world before they implement them or test them in the physical world. In this way, the gọn improvement is constantly enhanced by the new technology of industry 4. 0.

Integrated value chain

Lean aims to eliminate waste in the – series from customer order to delivery. For these activities, industrial support instruments 4. 0 are the integration of horizontal – and data analysis is necessary.
Integrate and connect business, it, operating system, machinery, and equipment to create a holistic view of the entire value chain. This allows managers to identify patterns or weaknesses in the process and prioritize them to improve opportunities.

Sage automation, for example, applied the lean industry 4. 0 ideas to its own facility, where half of the manufacturing facility was redesigned to have the' ráp' that could be adjusted to serve the fully customized OEM products.
Most recently, the enterprise introduced the digital model and automation into the design process, assembly, and construction to meet the gọn waste known in the production chain.


Lean and industrial revolution 4. 0 are almost two distinct concepts by a tradition, a modern breath. However, the combination of these two concepts at manufacturers of 4. 0, and will bring unexpected results to enterprises. The purpose of technology 4. 0 is to shorten every process, to optimize the production of lean production and the lean philosophy towards such purposes.


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