Update: 21/11/2022


A report by Mordor Intelligence states that the logistics market in the APAC region is set to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% during 2019-2024.

The emergence and development of eCommerce have changed customer demands, faster delivery expectations, and drastically changing shopping trends.

The logistics industry faces newer and more complex challenges than ever before. This is because it actually reflects customer behavior.

Offering fast delivery is no longer a perk but a necessity to survive in today's omnichannel retail world and one-day delivery.

As the eCommerce market is focusing on improving the ordering and after-sales experience, the role of logistics for the entire process is more important than ever.

Retailers and manufacturers alike are looking at logistics services to build and differentiate themselves in the market as well as build trust in customers.

It can be said that the opportunities for business scale development and logistics management are huge; However, this task is quite complicated. Businesses need to consider and evaluate traditional ways of operating against other advanced options that can save time and costs, such as technology solutions.

Improve inventory management

In this omnichannel world, failure to have a good grasp of the inventory situation can lead to irrevocable disasters. No one wants to promise a customer next-day delivery only to disappoint them due to the goods no longer existing.

Today's 3PLs must develop a unified Order Fulfillment System that allows them to display inventory through a Warehouse Management System for smooth order processing.

By tracking inventory effectively, companies can make accurate forecasts of future demand and can avoid losing revenue due to insufficient stock.

Warehouse Management System - WMS can update you with real-time inventory tracking even when your goods are in transit, thus helping you see anywhere from orders and inventory units to shipments and trucks.

In turn, this allows you to optimize your capacity and enhance communication between trading partners.


Above is some information related to developing business models and managing logistics with technology. It can be said that this is an urgent action when the e-commerce and multi-channel markets are developing strongly.

Among them, logistics businesses can take advantage of the development of technology to serve their management, such as the application of a warehouse management system - WMS.

This technology solution is known to be developed with many useful features such as improved slow picking/packing processes, inefficient inventory management, as well as unbiased warehouse layout.

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