Update: 29/01/2024


To optimize warehouse management, Nissin has partnered with MEKSMART to implement the WMS system. Learn about this strategic relationship in this article... 

As part of the development strategy to become the leading professional logistics service provider in Vietnam, Nissin Logistics VN has cooperated with MEKSMART to implement the NISSIN-WMS 3PL project. The project is implemented at the largest warehouse system of Nissin VN, including:  

  • The main warehouse is in Song Than ICD area, Binh Duong, with an area of over 13,000 m2.  
  • Tien Son warehouse with the main warehouse has an area of more than 10,000 m2. 

MEKSMART is a pioneer technology unit in logistics, providing software solutions and services for businesses. MEKWMS is a warehouse management system (Warehouse Management System) developed by MEKSMART, fully meeting the requirements of businesses in warehouse management effectively and optimally. 

Overview of NISSIN Logistics VN  

NISSIN LOGISTICS VN is a unit operating in the field of providing professional logistics services.  

The company has been continuing to expand and develop its systems to meet the increasing demand for warehouse management, transportation, and related services. 

With the goal of becoming the leading logistics company in Vietnam, NISSIN LOGISTICS has developed a comprehensive development strategy. The enterprise focuses on scaling and infrastructure and on applying modern technology to optimize processes and improve service quality.  

The cooperation with MEKSMART in implementing the NISSIN-WMS 3PL project is an important step, demonstrating the commitment of NISSIN LOGISTICS VN to the application of technology in warehouse management.  

The MEKWMS warehouse management system has delivered many important benefits, from optimizing performance to improving cargo control and customer service. 

Benefits of MEKSMART WMS system for NISSIN  

With the cooperation between MEKSMART and Nissin Logistics VN, the NISSIN-WMS 3PL project has brought practical benefits to both parties, including: 

#1. Improve warehouse operational efficiency  

MEKWMS system helps Nissin Logistics VN manage warehouses more centrally, synchronously, and effectively. Activities such as warehousing, discharge, and inventory management,... are done automatically and accurately, helping to minimize errors and save time and costs.  

Specifically, the MEKWMS system has helped Nissin Logistics VN improve the efficiency of warehousing operations as follows:  

  • Order processing time reduced by 20%  
  • The error rate in the process of warehousing and discharge decreased by 50%
  • Warehouse operating costs reduced by 15%

#2. Enhanced cargo control  

MEKWMS system provides real-time information about the status of goods, helping Nissin Logistics VN easily control and track goods in warehouses. This helps ensure goods are stored safely, by regulations, and meet customer needs.  

  • Goods are stored in the right place and with the right specifications
  • The status of goods is closely monitored, promptly detected, and handled arising problems.
  • Meet the diverse needs of customers for commodity information

#3. Improve customer service  

MEKWMS supports Nissin Logistics VN to provide better customer service, meeting the diverse needs of customers.  

Information about the status of goods, and delivery schedule... is updated regularly, making it easy for customers to track and capture information.  

The NISSIN-WMS 3PL project is one of the successful WMS implementation projects in Vietnam.  

The project has contributed to improving the efficiency of warehousing operations of Nissin Logistics VN while helping businesses improve their competitiveness in the market. 

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, the MEKSMART WMS system also brings many other benefits to businesses, including:  

  • Enhance the traceability of goods: MEKSMART's WMS system stores detailed information about the origin, origin, and circulation history of goods. This helps businesses easily trace the origin of goods when necessary, meeting the requirements of customers and authorities.
  • Optimize warehouse operation processes: This digital solution also helps businesses automate warehouse operating processes, thereby improving efficiency, and minimizing costs.
  • Improve competitiveness: The implementation of the WMS system helps businesses improve the efficiency of warehousing operations, meet customer needs, and improve competitiveness in the market


The NISSIN-WMS 3PL project is not only a big step forward in the development process of Nissin Logistics VN but also proves that MEKSMART, with MEKWMS, is the right partner of choice for businesses looking for effective WMS solutions.  

This partnership not only benefits the present but also opens opportunities for the future, as Nissin continues to shape itself as a leading logistics company in Vietnam. 

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