Update: 30/01/2024


MEKSMART cooperates with Elmich to implement a WMS warehouse management system for 3 large warehouses, improve warehousing operations, and solve problems...  

Ho Chi Minh City - In August 2023, MEKSMART officially signed a cooperation agreement with Elmich, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of home appliances in Vietnam.   

Under the cooperation agreement, MEKSMART will deploy WMS (Warehouse Management System) solutions at 3 Elmich warehouses, including:  

  • Finished product warehouse in Ha Nam  
  • E-commerce warehouse in Hanoi  
  • Warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City  

The partnership between MEKSMART and Elmich is an important step forward in improving the efficiency of Elmich's warehousing operations. MEKSMART's WMS solution will help Elmich solve problems such as:  

  • Enhance transparency and traceability  
  • Improve inventory management efficiency  
  • Minimize errors in the process of importing, exporting, and inventorying goods  
  • Increase labor productivity  

Warehouse operations difficulties before using Elmich's MEKSMART WMS  

Elmich is a large household appliance company in Vietnam, specializing in manufacturing and distributing household products such as pots, pans, kettles, induction cookers, blenders,... With the scale of operations expanding, Elmich has noticed difficulties in warehouse operations, specifically as follows: 

#1. Low inventory visibility

Manually managing inventory makes it difficult for Elmich to keep track of current inventory, the location of the goods, and the condition of the goods.

Therefore, shortages of goods, excess inventory, errors in import and export, etc. also occur frequently. 

#2. Manual and time-consuming warehouse import and export process

The warehouse import and export processes at Elmich's warehouse are done completely manually, from counting goods, making warehouse receipts, and warehouse release slips to finding goods. These processes become slow, time-consuming, and error-prone. 

#3. Low labor productivity

Due to manual processes, Elmich warehouse employees have to perform many repetitive operations, which are time-consuming and labor-intensive; the labor productivity of warehouse employees has since also decreased. 

#4. Lack of safety in warehouses

The unscientific warehouse arrangement, and lack of labor safety regulations make Elmich's warehouse potentially at risk of accidents and explosions. 

#5. Difficulty in scaling warehouses

With its operations expanding, Elmich needed to scale its warehouses to meet production and business needs. However, expanding the warehouse will face many difficulties, costs, and time. 

What's different about MEKSMART's WMS solution?  

To solve the above difficulties, Elmich implemented the MEKSMART WMS solution. MEKSMART WMS is a modern warehouse management solution, integrating many preeminent features, helping Elmich solve difficulties in warehouse operations. 

#1. Enhance transparency and traceability

MEKSMART's WMS solution will help Elmich manage goods scientifically and rigorously, thereby enhancing transparency and traceability. Therefore, Elmich better meets the requirements of customers and partners. Elmich uses MEKSMARK WMS to manage tasks such as:  

  • Manage goods data comprehensively and accurately, including information about codes, names, quantities, sizes, locations,...  
  • Track the history of import, export, inventory of goods  
  • Retrieve goods information according to many different criteria, such as item code, row name, location,... 

#2. Improve inventory management efficiency

Besides, it is also easier to strictly control inventory, thereby optimizing storage costs and avoiding shortages of goods.  

Some useful features that WMS from MEKSMART brings:  

  • Plan the import and export of goods reasonably  
  • Real-time inventory tracking  
  • Alert when inventory levels are low 

#3. Minimize errors in the process of importing, exporting, and inventorying goods

MEKSMART's WMS solution will automate the processes of importing, exporting, and inventorying goods, thereby helping to minimize errors and enhance operational efficiency.  

WMS MEKSMART system is capable of  

  • Create barcodes for goods  
  • Use barcode scanning equipment to import, export, and inventory goods  
  • Automatically update commodity data after import, export, and inventory 

#4. Increase labor productivity

MEKSMART's WMS will provide tools and processes to help warehouse employees work more efficiently, helping Elmich save labor costs and increase labor productivity. 


The partnership between MEKSMART and Elmich is an important milestone in Elmich's digital transformation journey.   

MEKSMART WMS solution will help Elmich optimize warehousing operations, improve productivity, and minimize errors, thereby improving the competitiveness of businesses. 


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