Update: 29/11/2022


Automation currently plays an important role in many industries, including warehouse management. So what exactly is automation in warehouse operations? How important is it?

To make everything easier, we have researched and compiled essential information related to this topic in today's article. Are you tempted to know? Find out in the following content.

What Is Automation In Warehouse Operations?

When you implement physical automation in your warehouse, you are implying that you will use technology to reduce staff movement and create more efficient workflows. Robots, for example, are one way to describe how physical automation works in a warehouse.

Physical warehouse automation provides several advantages, including increased capacity and efficiency, improved performance, and increased scalability and reliability of your services. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Warehouse automation is no exception.

Physical automation has significant upfront costs, high maintenance fees, equipment designed for highly specific purposes, and a scarcity of skilled workers to manage and maintain the physical automation.

To reap the benefits of physical automation in your warehouse, your company must plan ahead of time. The system is better suited for large-volume storage capacity distribution centers designed to house sophisticated and specialized equipment.

Importance Of Automation In Warehouse Operations

Automation provides numerous warehouse advantages, ranging from increased productivity to reduced labor risk. To realize its full potential, retailers must develop a comprehensive strategy.

Over the last five years, the automation industry has seen an increase in novel warehouse-automation innovations availability, supply chain as a service model, and tech integrating various solutions to seek retailers to address some challenges, powered by venture capital.

For example, the adoption of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), the technology lowering great non-productive walking time in warehousing, has progressed from beginning pilots to multiple deployments today around four years ago.

Retail automation investments are expected to fuel great industry growth - the market of warehouse automation is expected to gain $51 billion by the year of 2030, increasing at a CAGR of 23 percent.

The wave of warehousing innovation has been disproportionately fueled by capital funding for start-ups, whose solutions are greatly influencing the omnichannel warehouse future. Furthermore, private equity has been a significant tailwind for key companies.

Many technologies like AGVs (automated guided vehicles) or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have shown scalability in addressing traditional e-commerce warehouse challenges such as SKU complexity growth, rising service expectations and labor shortages.

Smart warehouse management system application

Realizing the importance of automated warehouse operations, many have launched smart warehouse management systems (WMS) to help businesses better monitor operations.

Smart warehouse management system: Meksmart WMS is developed to put the clients' success on top.

Thanks to the integration of people, experience, and support, and a smart technology platform, Meksmart provides comprehensive solutions for enterprises' logistics activities while replacing manual, complicated, inefficient logistics operations.

Some notable features of WMS facilitate the management of warehousing and inventory include:

  • Inventory management
  • User management
  • Inbound/outbound management
  • Report in real-time

Wrapping Up

That's all about automation in warehouse operations. Briefly, automated warehouse operations provide more advantages of cost, human resources, time, and many other resources for businesses. Accordingly, companies can earn more profits and improve their efficiency.

Meksmart is proud to pioneer in smart warehouse management when launching various flexible digital solutions for businesses to optimize their warehouse operations.

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