Update: 20/12/2022


Each industry as well as business related to transportation activities needs a separate TMS process. In a series of articles on transportation management systems let's explore some sample TMS processes for businesses from many different industries.

Sample TMS Workflows for Business

1. TMS process for inland transport organizations

Sample process: Shipment → Planning → Executive → Billing → Other


  • Get shipments from API and Excel
  • Enter or auto-receive into the TMS transport management system


  • Dashboard
  • Arrange the tour for the car on the dashboard
  • Print the vehicle dispatch command


  • Car check-in log map via app
  • Dashboard
  • Check-in and complete shipments via the driver app


  • Enter cost information for each vehicle's journey
  • Automatic charging with standard contracts
  • Enter service fee information with the non-automatic shipment
  • Summary charge sheet for the end of the month for customers
  • Table of profit and loss estimates for vehicle activities


  • Warning of registration and maintenance deadlines
  • Manage vehicle maintenance schedules and transportation supplies

2. TMS process for import and export container tractors

Sample process: Booking → Empty release order → Export declaration → Return → Cost


  • Receive bookings from customers
  • Import TMS

Empty release order

  • Dashboard
  • Plan to empty
  • Article tour taken empty, delivered cont
  • Take pictures, and enter cont via mobile apps
  • Report cont to customers
  • Take pictures of problems via apps

Export declaration

  • Dashboard
  • Get the export order Switch to a return plan


  • Dashboard
  • Shipping combined with empty pickup or pick-up
  • Complete the dispatch process, switch to carrying countless ships
  • Take pictures of the problem (if any) via the mobile app


  • Disburse costs according to cont
  • Automatically charge for services under the contract
  • Enter your own translation fee with auto-calculated bookings
  • Automatically produce month-end charge sheets and invoice statements for customers
  • Vehicle operating profit and loss estimate table

3. TMS Process for Distributors

Sample process: Orders → Planning → Executive → Billing → Other


  • Get orders from sales
  • Auto entry into the transport management system


  • Self-allocate orders to sub-hubs (if applicable)
  • Plan the operation and loading of the car
  • Print the vehicle dispatch command
  • Electronic control panel for the plan to be drawn up


  • Map of car check-in log via the app
  • Execution tracking electronic control panel
  • Check-in, and complete shipments via the driver app
  • Report completing the order for the sales department


  • Enter additional cost information
  • Summary of vehicle and driver operating expenses


  • Warning of registration and maintenance deadlines
  • Manage maintenance schedules, in addition to vehicle maintenance and transportation supplies

Why Choose Meksmart TMS Transportation Management System?

Some of the advantages of the Meksmart TMS transport management system include:

  • Using modern technology trusted by large transport
  • Optimal operation thanks to the integration of intelligent processing
  • Customers and partners can interact on the system anytime,
  • Integrate with many other solutions on different
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