Update: 14/09/2022


- The CEO of BEST Express believes that proper infrastructure, warehousing and technology investment are the key to helping businesses grow sustainably before and after the pandemic.
- Vietnam Industrial Real Estate Forum 2022 (VIPF) organized by Investment Newspaper in collaboration with BW Industrial Company, under the direction and patronage of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, took place in Ho Chi Minh City, on the 25th. /4. Mr. Nelson Wu, General Director of BEST Express is one of the speakers participating in the discussion at this forum.
- In the second discussion session to share experience in operation, management, and response during and after the pandemic, Mr. Nelson Wu made a comment on the development potential of the business after the pandemic, as well as the advantages to bring to the world. from choosing the right warehouse system.
- The CEO said that during the epidemic, the interrupted labor source was one of the main reasons that forced logistics businesses to invest heavily in automation technology. This field will contribute to helping them re-operate their production systems during and after the pandemic, even if only using a small number of workers. Technology is predicted to become a key factor, creating leverage to help businesses develop sustainably.
- In 2018, when BEST Express was still in the stage of surveying the Vietnamese market, Mr. Nelson Wu and his team soon realized that the S-shaped strip of land did not have an e-commerce logistics supply. Most warehouses are still operating in the traditional way.
- At first, despite reviewing and surveying many warehouses and factories, BEST still could not find a suitable place to build an operation center. The CEO emphasized that choosing the right warehouse location and designing the right infrastructure in the direction of automation is the core key to helping businesses optimize the area used, while improving operational efficiency. .
- As proof of this statement, Mr. Nelson Wu cited specific examples from BEST Express. The classification center system of the unit in Tan Phu Trung industrial park is the place that makes him very satisfied because it meets all suitable conditions and connection infrastructure.
- "Thanks to a meeting with partner BW, BEST found a large warehouse space and was supported to build according to its own design, suitable for operation needs. Thanks to that, the conveyor belt infrastructure at this center was arranged. reasonable and in accordance with our requirements," said Mr. Nelson Wu.
- The infrastructure of BEST's smart warehouse and goods division is clearly divided by volume and parcel size in order to optimize the time of sorting and selecting, while controlling the quality of parcels more closely.
- Small parcels cross belt automatic sorting area specializes in handling small parcels, under 3 kg. It is equipped with high-speed two-stage cross-belt conveyors and WCS (warehouse control system) package information tracking technology.
- This system can automatically sort cross belts with a total of 350 selectors, for a maximum capacity of up to 28,000 parcels per hour. Accordingly, BEST Express only takes 0.5 seconds to complete the classification of a parcel with a volume of less than 3 kg
- Matrix automatic sorting area specializes in handling parcels over 3kg with a design in the form of a stratified conveyor belt running from low to high. The system of 10 sorting conveyors at the first floor will identify the information of parcels to divide down to the second floor.
- Here, the conveyor belts will transfer the parcels to the respective delivery area. Each tape is arranged separately, helping goods flow smoothly even during peak hours.
- Conveyor belt infrastructure is intelligently designed, operated by pneumatic and push systems to help ensure the safety of packages of complex volume and size. At the same time, the failure rate control when sorting is also minimal, approximately 0.01%. The maximum processing capacity of the 3kg over 3kg sorting system is over 15,000 parcels per hour, which equates to an average of just 2 seconds to complete.
- At the shipment area, the conveyor system is divided into two layers with different operating functions to optimize the speed of parcel handling. Grade 1 specializes in classifying goods into 4 main clusters according to geographical regions. Class 2 handles parcels in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City according to the address of each post office. This shortens the connection time between the sorting center (general warehouse) and the delivery post offices, thereby reducing costs and operating time throughout the system.
- According to Mr. Nelson Wu, the system of warehouses and factories designed according to the right purpose of use not only helps businesses optimize the exploitation area, but also maximizes the operating capacity.
- "When the infrastructure is expanded, properly invested and operated, logistics businesses can be more stable even when external factors such as epidemics, natural disasters... impact. At the same time, the unit can also optimize time, labor, maximize cost savings and improve competitiveness in the market," shared BEST Express CEO.



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