Update: 06/10/2022


Transportation management systems (TMS) are the software category that can deal with the preparation and execution of the products’ physical movement across a supply chain.

It is common that shipper businesses to utilize TMS to track the sourcing, planning, execution, and settlement of the freight. Numerous subcomponents compose complete transportation management systems across preparation and execution.

A TMS solution includes seven core capabilities:

  • Strategic freight procurement and sourcing
  • Planning
  • Transportation Execution
  • Carrier communication
  • Event and visibility management
  • Settlement
  • Performance management

Other add-ons of the TMS include:

  • Dock scheduling/appointment
  • Private fleet vehicle scheduling and routing
  • Parcel manifesting and optimization
  • Transportation modeling
  • 3D load building
  • Transportation forecasting

In terms of TMS, there are some top vendors named in research of Gartner. They include 3Gtms, 3T, Alpega Group, BlueRock Logistics, Blue Yonder, etc.

              The top names in TMS according to Gartner’s research

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Top Vendors in Transportation Management Systems

1. 3Gtms

This player mainly pays attention to offering transportation management utilizing multimodal capabilities to build a plan, conduct, and monitor shipments.

3Gtms integrates the technology to make its tech-backed solution scalable and simple based on the cloud-native tech with process automation.

This TMS provider outweighs other vendors thanks to a roadmap expansion by enhancing the ecosystem and platform of applications, helping make user interface updates and go-lives faster.

2. 3T

Like the 3Gtms, 3T is a niche vendor that is focused on the operations of the supply chain, delivering the shipper organizations with various capabilities like vehicle routing, parcel management, load optimization, and dock scheduling.

3. Alpega Group

This vendor runs the main business in the operations of the supply chain. It delivers a comprehensive portfolio of various solution bundles with capabilities scaling based on the complexity of operations.

4. BlueRock Logistics

Like other niche players, BlueRock Logistics pays its attention to numerous aspects of the supply chain while offering strategic and tactical capabilities in network optimization, shipment execution, and operation planning.

It is said that this vendor is suitable for the level-1 to level-4 best.

5. Blue Yonder

Not only is it strong in the warehouse management system (WMS), but Blue Yonder also provides a complete transportation management system. That’s why it is named in the research of Gartner.

This vendor stands out with the connectivity to other solutions like labor management, WMS, control tower, and supply chain planning.

Most of its clients are big organizations from different industries like manufacturing, 3PLs, products, and retail.

It is known that this vendor has been investing in the TMS to build up an ecosystem and platform on the cloud. The purpose is to enhance its strengths for unified logistics and create a digital transportation ecosystem.

Wrapping Up

So now you know about the top names in transportation management systems according to Gartner's research. Briefly, the top 5 belong to the vendors of 3Gtms, 3T, Alpega Group, BlueRock Logistics, and Blue Yonder. These names all provide tech-backed solutions to support the operations of the supply chain and transportation.

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