Update: 21/12/2022


When dealing in transportation-related industries, you'll probably be looking for ways to optimize fleet operating costs. Meksmart has researched and drawn the top 5 tips to help you optimize fleet operating costs in today's article.

Top 5 ways to optimize fleet operating costs

1. Replacing old means of transport

Typically, older vehicles will consume more fuel than new vehicles, not to mention repair and maintenance costs…

Not only that, but old means of transport will also not bring high safety to the driver when transporting goods. There are cases where these old vehicles fail mid-way, affecting the production process.

Therefore, you need to build a set of indicators to be able to identify the times when you can replace old means of transport, avoiding bad cases like the above.

2. Train drivers to save fuel

When businesses fully equip drivers with good driving habits, fuel costs can be significantly saved and optimized.

Business managers can also remind drivers regularly by sending out weekly announcements, launching emulation campaigns, or posting driving rule boards in the fleet.

3. Reduce fuel loss

Unreasonable use of fuel can be associated with dishonest behavior coming from the driver.

However, in order to improve the knowledge and awareness of drivers, management should implement measures that can help monitor and control fuel transactions better.

4. Optimize fleet size

The question is, will you review the transportation needs of the whole enterprise and compared them to the size of the existing fleet? The number of vehicles in the fleet is more or less than the actual demand?

When there is a problem with the actual fleet situation, management can consider taking the necessary actions to increase or decrease the appropriate number of fleets.

Some steps to help businesses optimize fleet size include:

  • Classification of fleets by groups
  • Review usage needs by year per group
  • Make an alternative plan if there is no means
  • Liquidation of vehicles that are not in demand

5. Automate management processes

The last tip to help you optimize fleet operating costs is to cut down on management personnel costs. If you're managing paperwork, it's a good idea to use digital technology so you can increase the efficiency of your processes.

At the same time, one of the necessary jobs is to give employees time to perform other tasks that bring higher value.

For example, the task of collecting invoices and documents or manually entering data takes a lot of time. With smart management solutions such as MEK-TMS, invoices are updated in the system in real time, helping to optimize processing time and manpower.

According to an article in Techaeris, "Fleet owners can use these technologies to evaluate a number of things about their vehicles, including refueling, start and end of a trip, battery degradation, engine failure, and other incidents right in their office.”


Above are the top 5 tips to help you optimize fleet operating costs. Meksmart hopes that the article provides the information you need to better manage your fleet. If you need to learn about Meksmart digital solutions, do not hesitate and contact us immediately.

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