Update: 15/12/2022


1. Concepts:

A bonded warehouse is a warehouse with its own customs regime. Goods sent from abroad to this warehouse are not considered imported into the host country.

A distinction should be made between geographical territory and customs territory. A customs warehouse located in Quang Ninh is in the geographical territory of Vietnam, but the goods deposited in this warehouse have not yet entered the customs territory of Vietnam, so no import duties and taxes have to be paid. other fees.

Goods sent to a bonded warehouse may be waiting to be brought into Vietnam's territory or may be transported to another country.

2. Benefits:

Importing enterprises often take advantage of the favorable location of the bonded warehouse to put the goods into the ready stock when there are favorable conditions to bring the goods to the country where the warehouse is located as quickly as possible. In the opposite direction, export businesses complete all export procedures and put goods in bonded warehouses, when they need to deliver goods to overseas buyers, they will be able to deliver goods very quickly.

Bonded warehouses also play an important role in order-crossing activities. A shipment of dried nuts from the Middle East is brought to a bonded warehouse at Hai Phong port, then when the price is favorable, it will be transported to Shenzhen port (China). Thus, the goods do not have to go through import procedures into Vietnam and then export, but they can still be delivered to customers as quickly as possible.

3. Compare with dry port:

ICD is an abbreviation for the phrase "Inland Container Depot" - a customs clearance point for import and export goods located in the interior.

Thus, in terms of nature, a bonded warehouse is similar to a dry port. But the bonded warehouse has the function of storing goods while the main function of the inland port is the location for customs clearance. Bonded warehouses can provide many types of services, from storage, preservation, and classification to preliminary processing, assessment, separation, packaging, contributing to increase the value of goods.

Like inland ports, bonded warehouses also have customs officers. But the customs in the bonded warehouse have less function, only performing the task of monitoring goods in and out of the warehouse. The customs at the inland port are allowed to perform a number of other customs operations.

According to Tran Thanh Hai.

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