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In the field of transportation, the term ASN is probably not an unfamiliar term. However, some are still not familiar with ASN. To provide a full understanding of the term, Meksmart has compiled the relevant information that you will probably be interested in. Join us to find out in the following content.

What is ASN?

ASN stands for Advanced Shipping Notice. This is a document file intended to provide detailed information about the delivery process processed.

The purpose of this document is to notify the customer when the shipping process is underway and to provide shipment specifications that help the customer know what the shipping status of the order is.

ASN will usually be sent over the network in EDI or XML format. The document will help customers know when the order is expected to be delivered, the item, and the number of goods delivered.

Besides, shipment characteristics such as the number of boxes, batch weight, and description of how to ship will also be provided in the ASN.

The importance of ASN in logistics

Pre-shipping notifications have many benefits in the logistics industry.

  • ASN are used to prepare for store allocation or flow from pick-up point to shipping point and to store/customer.

     When goods are delivered directly to the customer, ASN will provide delivery information including tracking numbers for carriers such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS.

  • Pre-shipping notifications also play a role in perfecting the process of collecting money from credit card
  • ASN help confirm that shipping is underway, optimizing time and
  • This document also plays an important role when managing inventory and trucks  Before shipments are shipped, suppliers can stick barcodes on boxes, crates, and product casings and provide that information with ASN.

     When the shipment arrives, the information and shipment data from EDI will be used to ensure that the shipping process occurs. The process is as simple as scanning goods when removed from the vehicle.

  • Pre-shipping notifications also assist in identifying discrepancies between expectations and what is shipped

Wrapping Up

It can be seen that ASN is a necessary document in logistics. Both retailers and consumers expect to receive shipping notifications to proactively capture pickup times.

ASN helps suppliers easily manage orders and manage inventory, optimizing shipping efficiency to customers.

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