Update: 23/11/2022


Choosing which warehouse management system – WMS might be tough as the process demands the businesses sort through various systems and providers to narrow their attention to the shortlist of the best solutions that can fit their operations.

It is vital to select the proper WMS as it affects the whole warehouse operations and supply chain as well.

To make it easier for you, Meksmart has compiled the top 5 ways to select the proper WMS.

5 Ways To Choose Warehouse Management System Properly

1. Understand thyself

It is best to internally look at the business and IT requirements with a thorough analysis. This step can ensure you can make a better selection of WMS vendors.

In case you do not know your requirement well, you can ask what it’s that you try to get out of WMS like different industries will have various needs.

According to Tim Wolin – Wolin Design Group’s Founder & Senior Vice President, it is vital to know the nature of commodities under management and delivery.

Shippers need to consider having a consultant who is an expert in warehouse operations. Businesses are better to know what drives them to pour in a WMS solution.

They can look inward by identifying their challenges like inventory accuracy and service issues and knowing which processes need improvement.

2. Switch from RFI to RFP

Typically, shippers begin with the request for information or RFI to a group of providers. Then they shorten the list of vendors to 3-5 names so that they can meet their request for proposal – RFP.

Once they choose the shortlist, they create the requirement list. Brain Kirst, Synergy North America’s Vice President suggests that a successful WMS application is about foresight rather than hindsight.

Therefore, when evaluating WMS vendors, it is advisable to check the rate structure and recurring fees.

3. Talk to clients

Once businesses narrow the list of WMS providers, they can carry out reference checks to better understand what works with a specific WMS provider and solution looks like.

You can speak with the clients of the vendor to get unvarnished feedback about its ease of use, customer service, and other relevant matters.

4. Demos

It is also advisable to ask for a free demo of WMS so that you can have a hands-on understanding of its functions and how it works. It is the best way to see the WMS in action to know more about its user experience.

During the demo, you can pay attention to data visibility and navigation, which is the key to knowing its ability to perform the tasks and ease of use.

5. Consider future scenarios

Choosing a warehouse management system isn’t about choosing the right solution for the present only. It is also for the following years. That’s why you need to consider your business’s future plan before making the final decision.

Wrapping Up

Above are the top 5 ways to choose the right warehouse management system that you can consider. We hope that this article is helpful for your consideration.

In short, what you can consider includes knowing yourself, considering changing from RFI to RFP, talking to vendor's clients, asking for demos, and considering future scenarios.

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